About Us

We came to live in the beautiful, remote, Hebridean Isle of Tiree, around ten years ago.

Originally from Glasgow, Peter relocated to the West coast of Scotland at the age of 17. Inspired by the wide open spaces, the rolling ocean waves and the incredible clarity of the light he began to paint using a variety of mediums. Over the years he has exhibited his work at various locations in Scotland and England. His work is included in a number of private collections throughout the world.

Nicola spent her formative years in Aberdeenshire where she developed a strong desire to live simply, and in harmony with the natural world.  These early experiences continue to influence her seascape paintings which are characterised by soft, pastel colours and peaceful scenes, and also her ceramic work which is  unfussy in design and glazed in colours which reflect the natural surroundings.

Our work is ever-changing and is a reflection of our exploration and experience of life in this unique and delightfully wild landscape.